Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Attention all you fancy blog people

Okay after you get over the shock of seeing a new post from me make sure you read this:
My friend Heather is a wonderful photographer and she and another photographer have had the great idea to host some events where they teach people how to use their digital slr cameras. You can find the details on Heather's blog here:
Heather took this picture of Landon when he was 2 weeks old.

Speaking of Landon, remember how he had just arrived at my last post? Well look at him now!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Our baby boy is here! Landon was born Feb 16th weighing in at a healthy 7 lbs 10 oz. We are so excited to have him! Now don't expect another post from me for probably a year! :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Still Here

When you do not update your blog for 9 months there is some pressure to make your next post amazing, exciting, earth-shattering, etc...
So here it is:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sweets FROM my Sweets

Luckily I have never tried smoking. Unfortunately I can't say the same about sugar. I have often wondered at what age my kids will start noticing that mommy eats a good portion of their candy from Christmas, Valentines, Halloween, etc... Last week after the kids were in bed I raided their stash of Valentines candy and came up with a box of Nerds. Carelessly I didn't make sure the evidence made it to the garbage. The next morning Mallory discovered this evidence and was overheard asking Kelly accusingly, "WHAT is this?" To which he replied, "Ask mom." The dirty rat!
The guilt was magnified last night after the rest of the family went to Krispy Kreme while I stayed in bed with a migraine. After eating their hot light specials on site they came home with two chocolate glazed sprinkle donuts. One for mommy and one for the kids to share the next day. By bedtime I was feeling better and ready for my treat. When I asked where it was Kelly revealed that Mallory had asked him to hide the donuts so "Mommy won't eat ours." Oh the shame!
I am however, happy to report that today after lunch I gave the girls their donut and begged only for one tiny bite before they split the rest. That's progress I think!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Going Bananas

The subject

The photographer
My mom obligingly got me exactly what I asked her to for my birthday - a dehydrator. After attending a dehydrating class several months ago, I foresaw a glorious future where my children had kicked their pack-a-day habit of fruit snacks and were happily munching on wholesome home-dried fruit.
I decided to start with bananas. The chart said bananas take 6-12 hours to dry (a rather large window). I didn't get things powered-up until 3 pm but I reasoned it would surely be closer to 6 hours especially since I'd sliced the bananas thinner than recommended to speed things up.
9:00 pm: not dry yet
10:00 pm: not dry yet
Kelly & I start a movie. Surely they will be done by the time the movie is over
11:00 pm: not dry yet
12:00 pm: the movie ends
still not dry - the lamenting begins
What am I going to do! I'll have to stay up all night!
Kelly says I should just go to bed and let the dehydrator run the rest of the night (does he know how much we are spending on fruit snacks?!)
Then they'll be ruined and all the work I've put in (buying, slicing, and don't forget setting them on the trays) will be wasted!
There's nothing to do but set the alarm and hope the torture ends soon.
1:45 am: still not dry
2:45 am: Hallelujah I think they are dry enough!
Now do I need to let them cool before I put them in a bag? Heck no how much more sleep do I have to lose!
3:05 am: Back in bed. I'd better try to squeeze a nap in tomorrow
The next morning: Kids do you want to try these bananas?
They love them. They keep asking me for more all day.
That afternoon: No you can't have anymore. You'll get constipated! To Kelly, exasperated: They would eat these all day!
His reply: Wasn't that the point?
Nothing like dancing to keep constipation at bay.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Self Shrink

I've always said Kelly would have curly hair if he grew it out!
I cannot afford to see a psychologist or a psychiatrist. I can't exactly remember the difference between those but I'm sure they are both expensive. Luckily, I have a built-in psychotherapist that comes in handy when I just can't seem to get out of a rut. Here's an example of how it works:
The other day I was checking out blogs of friends, noticing cute pictures, fun updates of what they've been doing, and of course festive blog backgrounds befitting the season. I also happened to notice that on those blogs featuring that fancy sidebar which not only links to other blogs, but shows when they've been updated, I was dead last. Suddenly my self shrink turned on.
"You are a blog user."
Me: "What?"
Shrink: "A blog user. You receive enjoyment from looking at everyone else's blogs, but you don't contribute to the blogging community."
Me: "Well one of these days I'm really going to improve. I just don't know why I don't get around to it."
Shrink: "It's the pictures."
Me: "But I got that faster internet service so it wouldn't take forever to upload the pictures."
Shrink: "You're not good with pictures. By the time you find the cord to hook the camera to the computer, remember how to transfer the pictures, sort through the pictures deciding which ones to use, and wonder how to get rid of that red-eye that is in 70% of the pictures, you've talked yourself out of posting that day."
Me: "Well I guess you could be right. By the way has there ever been a study done showing that blue-eyed people display more red-eye in pictures, because I swear my kids (cute as they are) look like monsters in almost every picture I take!"
Shrink: "You're changing the subject."
Me: "Sorry"
Shrink: "It doesn't matter to me, I don't get paid either way, but if you want my advice just type up some of those posts you've been composing in your head and leave those adorable pictures and backgrounds to those creative friends of yours."
Me: "All right I'll give it a try. Say, do you think I should add that recipe sharing sidebar I've thought about? I did take three pictures of my tortilla casserole."
Shrink: "You're hopeless."
Well, you get the idea. If you don't already have one of these invisible analysts, I highly recommend developing one. As long as you don't have the conversations out loud, no one can accuse you of being crazy (unless you post them on your blog).
Merry Christmas & a Happy Blogging Year!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Farewell to Summer

Well I guess summer is really over. I'm not complaining about the fall temperatures, but it was a really fun summer (it's amazing how much you can do when you're not pregnant or nursing!) Here are a few highlights from the last month.

Getting family pictures taken with Becky's family. This may have been the biggest adventure of the summer. Is that Grammy rolling out of the picture?

On top of Mt. Timpanogos. Way to go Mallory for hiking all the way up and back!

Olympic week at tumbling.

At the fair. We love those ponies!

Canning with Crystal. This is what happens when you think borrowing the can sealer and canning at home will be "easy"

At Flamming Gorge with the Johnsons. Thanks guys, we had lots of fun!

Happy 2nd birthday Lilia! We love you! Didn't Daddy do a great job decorating your cake?

Hiking in Ogden Canyon. Note to self: Always make kids go potty before starting a hike. It's just not easy for a girl to go on the trail!

Cinderella with her "prince"